Entry #26

WTF, banner isnt showing

2008-11-19 13:07:08 by SolidMetalRock

I just changed the page header of my profile and it just refreshes and im so pissed off, anyway, if you can please go watch some of my poops lol :

Youtube poop - Invader Crap
Youtube Poop: C is for C**k

dont expect something like Deepercutt or WalrusGuy, im new to this stuff and I use Windows Movie Maker which isnt appropiate to make this kind of video, if you know some good program for this kind of video, plz let me know , Thx.


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2008-11-22 21:02:27

I'm here to kill the little sonic faggots! **Bows.**


2008-11-22 21:03:03

Oh, and it does that, just wait.


2008-11-22 21:12:33

igott i happen to be a SONIC fan!!!!! you even be mean to SOLIDMETALROCK


2008-11-22 21:36:07

Yeah, I know. And if you can't read; I bowed with a motto, And I aslo gave him advice. SONIC SUCKS ASS.

SolidMetalRock responds:

Hooray for that


2009-06-23 02:58:59

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2009-07-24 07:38:39